Wedding Feather Buttonholes

When it comes to buttonholes for weddings, it’s too easy for men to end up with a single white rose. It’s a classic, but at what point does a classic become tired, boring and dated?

There’s also the issue of fresh buttonholes looking rather droopy, battered and tired by the end of the day, especially after giving so many hugs and dancing on the dancefloor.

This is where I have made the perfect solution, even more so as it’s able to be used in the future to adorn your favourite hat, or to put on your jacket as a guest at other weddings too.

Handmade Feather Boutonnières

Mallard Wing feather buttonhole in a rifle casing, worn on a brown tweed jacket.

I have been handmaking feather hat pins for over 20 years, and recently, after a large order from a celebrity client have started making wedding buttonholes as well as they are perfect for the elegant country wedding. As with all the elements of my business it helps with the sustainability as unlike a traditional fresh flower boutonnière your feather one will last for many years to come and can have a happy life worn on a hat or other jackets.

I have a good range available, or I am happy to work with you to come up with a design that will perfectly match the style of your special day.