About Me


Wendy Goode

Designer & Owner

When I moved to Aberdeenshire over twenty years ago, I was instantly drawn to the abundance of colour in the pheasants on our country roads. I admired their stunning, iridescent feathers and I began to think of ways to preserve and celebrate their natural beauty. This was the beginning of Wendy Goode Designs.

Today, my trusted network of Scottish gamekeepers ensures a sustainable supply of seasonal feathers and shotgun and rifle casings, that I upcycle into beautiful countryside accessories.

I’m a talented, country craftswoman, inspired by the rich colours, landscapes and game birds in our wild countryside.  We have such a diverse range of native game birds, including guinea fowl, pheasants, peacocks, ducks, geese and grouse, all with their own beautiful colours and qualities. I use a range of feathers sourced from shoots across Scotland, as well as upcycling rifle brass, to make hat and brooch pins for customers throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

Wendy Goode

At Work

I hand-craft each hat pin and brooch myself, using my experience of manipulating the feathers, to create the quality and precision that people have come to expect from Wendy Goode Designs.

My designs have been showcased at Highgrove, Badminton and Clarence House and worn by thousands of people, who have been drawn by their beauty, their unique stylishness and their durability.

My dedication and hard work have led to strong partnerships with leading countryside brands, providing them with feather pins for their off the peg hat designs, as well as creating my own range of feather products for sale here.

From a young age, I’ve always believed that we need to be comfortable in whatever we are wearing to feel confident and truly express ourselves. Growing up, I used my creative flair to design and make my own clothes and for many years I made and sold hats, for those who wanted something unique and different, to reflect their personality. Now, I focus entirely on creating feather accessories that will bring colour, class and originality to outfits, for country events and weddings.

I love getting to know my customers and helping them to accessorise in a way that will reflect and complement their own style and personality.